Dubbing is a process of recording and replacing voices in a motion picture film or television programs, after the film is finished. Performing all the voice roles of the characters in the film, television, video clip, etc. It is mainly used in cartoons and in translation of films and programs to a language other than the original language.

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Dubbing roles and their descriptions:

Dubbing Producer

Receiving dubbing content from the client, sending scripts to translation, booking voice actors etc’.

Dubbing Director

Casts and directs the dubbing ensemble

Musical Director

Supervises the musical aspect of dubbed content, if needed.

Recording/Mix Technician

Operates and technically supervises a sound sequencer to record and edit the final product to the client. Recording and mixing roles are sometimes carried out by different people.

Voice / Dubbing Actor

Records the parts chosen by the director according to the translated script, original language (played back on earphones) and video (presented on screen).


Replaces the old soundtrack with the new, edits music, adds subtitles and mixes all different components together to ensure a smooth transition to a different language.


Translates the original script to the native language and culture while maintaining length of sentences and original meaning.