Subtitle Translation

Subtitle translation (or header translation) is a method of presenting translated text in cinema, television and video as well as a way of providing text access to hearing-impaired individuals.

In this method, the bottom of the screen features subtitles containing the text originally heard in the soundtrack or its translation to a different language, often with written description of other sounds in the soundtrack.

In rare cases, subtitles also include comments that assist viewers in fully understanding certain aspects of the video which are affected by cultural differences.

NDG process includes:

Dialogue download

Full timing to video


Full QC before broadcast

Linguistic proofreading

Subtitle file generation according to customer needs

Professional content-related proofreading

Delivery to broadcast facility using digital means

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Why Us ?



In order to produce translation and subtitles best suited for your content, we at NDG studios hire only the best translators and editors in the country. To us, translation is a craft best handled by a quality professional and his/her own specific native tongue and area of expertise.



A fundamental term here at NDG studios. We provide our customers with the highest form of customer service in each and every project aspect, big or small.


Working Systems And Tools

NDG projects are managed using cutting-edge platforms that include individual management units allowing full customer transparency at all times.


Backup and Storage

Each and every NDG project is backed-up both locally and using cloud based, highly secured storage technology. This allows us to manage our files using any computer with an internet connection.



We are always available to you day or night 7 days a week for technical support and troubleshooting.


Subtitles For The Hearing-Impaired

A high number of hearing-impaired individuals both globally and specifically in Israel calls for better accessibility by adding subtitles containing video content.